Become a Host FAQ

What is a Host ?

Is a person or business that offers experiences to customers. The Host is a person that is passionate, knowledgeable usually provides hands-on or an immerse activity for the customer to enjoy and discover. Provides access to a special place, community or information like story telling by a unique perspective.

Why I should become a host? offers a platform free of charge to help you manage your business online. From credit card processing, calendar management, bookings and promotions. Be part of a group of experts that provide the most amazing and unique experiences.

Does becoming a Host have any costs?

No, we don’t charge for hosting, promoting or for the use of our platform. We charge a service fee to the customer at the time of booking, that means that you can create your business with no upfront costs and start accepting all major credit cards in just a few clicks.

How Much can I earn?

Hosts can earn as much as they want, their income is based on the price and frequency of their events and experiences that they provide.

How can I become a host?

Register on our platform and fill the Become a Host form.

I don't have an experience at the moment, can I become a Host?

In order to approve all hosts we need to know, what experiences are they going to be offering in our platform. The application process is very short and easy going, as soon as you have your experience, please come back and fill the become a host application.